Copyright, Silence

i feel your arms around me
but they claw and scratch and bite
i know that you are with me here
but i cant see the light

everytime that i feel bad
i grit my teeth and smile
because i know that in a bit
ill make it all worth while

i look into the mirror
and i dont like what i see
i see someone scared and scarred
i wish that it werent me

and still no one seems to notice
and i cry myself to sleep
i know i need some help right now
cause i am in too deep

but you cant understand me
i cant quit just cause you say
as much as i might like to
it doesnt work that way

and i know that you dont get it
i have nothing left to give
but still im trying not to die
its just my way to live

but ill try calling one last time
do not ignore my plea
cause everytime i cut myself
i lose a part of me


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