Life this Way

Copyright, Susie

I screw up everyday,
Why is life this way?
I can’t do anything right,
Everyday I must fight
For death I pray
On my knees everday
There will be no answer to my plea
So miserable I will be
As the pain rushes through
Even though it already knew
The blood is all around
Even though it already found
The place to be alone
In my broken home
Where nothing can be heard
Even though you speak out words
I can’t see through the red
That is surrounding my head
Cutting off my air
This is really fair
I am a disgrace
and now its on my face
And also on the knife
As I try to take my life
I mutter “sorry” to you
But you already knew
I can’t hide my guilt
Over my head it’s built
I screw up everyday
Why is life this way?


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