Sarah H


Copyright Sarah H

Cutting was a fad
I didn’t think it was that bad
but as others outgrow it
I still can’t control it
I have to fight the urge knife to get on with my life
I wasn’t as strong as everyone thought
So I sit here feeling distraught
They should of taught us how to cope
they should of told us that there is always hope
That we shouldn’t give up with out a fight
and that everything will be alright
But dont be alarmed because it’s just a ‘phase’ that we are soon to outgrow
But what no one knows is that the cuts keep getting deeper and won’t seem to heal
I have mastered the art of how to conceal the scars from the ones that ‘love’ me
They won’t see the beauty I see
I try to ignore the fact that my arm is sore and I just don’t want to live any more


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