Such a Bitch

Copyright Susan

You said that you’d die for me
Walk a Million Miles for me
take on the world for me
so why cant you take this pain away from me

I sit in my room all alone in the dark
i dont want to do this
but i cant see any other way
i just want this pain to end

if it worked
would you miss me
would you even notice that i was gone
would you admit to knowing me
that sickio chick
i doubt you would

Expression in Self-Retaliation

Copyright, Susan

I wrote this sonnet about my boyfriend.

Dedicated to a dimmed Northern Star

Wasting away in sweet mutilation,
Angst from his veins pools on the bruised floor.
Slipping away from his concentration,
His life in my hands, as I lick his sores.
Bittersweet love sheds blood for his sadness;
Staggers through a world of ungoverned pain.
Feigned by illusions and falls into madness,
Life lacks a warmth to desiccate his rain.
But suddenly in darkness and black mist
An innocent light seeps through unknown cracks.
In this pure state your bleeding wounds be kissed,
By never seeking sorrow, this dove lacks.

In this salvation the vast ocean brings,
Complex minds don’t weep, they forever sing.


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