Skin Deep Love


Copyright, Skin Deep Love

i thought i was smart
i thought i was strong
but time has proven me to be wrong
i wander aimlessly down this road
carrying the regret of trust that makes a hevey load
erased was the laughter that echoed in my soul
when the consequences of lies decided to take toll
i see the world with passive eyes now
i gave up on tryig to figure out how
long ago i gave mercy to those who were seeking
and now the love in my heart is leaking
i doubtfully gave them a second chance to change
but there spite only climbed to a higher range
i sit wiht my limbs binded down
and stare at my once soulful wings on the ground
ohh how a bad taste can change ones view
and there direction in life to
mysterious i once was not
and i miss the old me more than a lot
but there comes a time when we all see
the miracously we arnt what we used to be
the different is i saw me being erased
in the swiftness of the worlds pace
they took,and took but i never recieved
and along the way i was decieved
i stepped outside of myself and took a look around
but sanity,faith,and my soul were never found
how do you stop the writng on the wall
the space for me here is getting ot small
and i always flew,never once to crawl
the grabbed my wings and flew on my back
plotting an dplanning the great attack
they have destroyed everything in my heart
why didnt i detect it all from the start
is it really possibe to regain my wings?
when i have lost all interest in wat tomorrow brings
modivation no there is no such device
and if there was, it jas its price
so ill let go of my ashes as they blow in the wind
and pray i may once find tranquilitiy again


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