Razor blade masterpiece

Copyright Saiiri

A pain grows,
In her heart and in her head,
Feeding on the darkness and pain,
With ever blood shed her pain grows,
She tried to make it go away,
But nothing is strong enough to lift her broken soul,
Finally she can’t take it anymore,
She makes one final cut,
To let all the pain flow away,
A life was taken today,
With a razor blade masterpiece to the wrist.

I hate you for what you’ve done to me

Copyright Saiiri

Alone in the dark I sit and wait,
with these tears in my eyes of malevolent hate.
As they fall I curse your name,
I hope you can hear me because your the one I blame.
I blame you for these tears in my eyes,
I blame you for these slices on my wrists,
I blame you for this blood on the floor,
Leading a crimson trail to my soon to be grave.
With the last few drops of my blood I’ll write a message,
Not a message to my family,
Not a message to my friends,
A message only for you.
I hope you get this message loud and clear,
“I hate you for what you’ve done to me” is what it will say.
You’ve ruined everything for me,
and now there’s nothing left for you to ruin.
So go on with you life wearing a mask that hides who you are,
That monster lurking just beneath the surcace,
showing no one your pain or how you truly feel.
You go on and live that thing you call a life.


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