I Started Again

Copyright, Shadow

I did it again.
I cut through the skin.
These scratches feel good.
The draining of blood…
I feel so much happier.
My tears are all gone.
The pain helps me forget…
Tomorrow I’ll remember…
My life isn’t fair.
I’ll sit and I’ll tear.
I try to make it better.
I can’t wait forever…

Pity and Guilt

Copyright, Shadow

I feel so bad I can hardly see
Visions of my future are plaguing me
I wish I could die, I wish I could feel free
People don’t care, they just expect me to be.

Too much pressure, too much time
The days drag on like the slowest of rhyme
There is only one option that can appeal
Escape from life so I can finally heal.

Maybe pills or maybe knife
Will I have the strength to end this woeful life
Iv’e been blessed with tremendous courage, it’s easy to follow,
The time I have endured, holds nothing but sorrow.

Fate or destiny I ask myself
Is it true or a lie like everything else
Will I be able to draw the sword, the hilt
Like everything else I’ll feel pity and guilt.


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