Copyright, Sonja

Alone with no one here
That’s my biggest fear
The silence will drive me insane.

I can only end it with my own pain.
The razor is my only friend.
It knows it’s time for my life to end.
No more pain will come my way
For this will be my last day
Don’t try to act sad
It will only make me mad
You want me dead
Enough’s been said
I’m sick of my so called life
I’ll end it all with a knife
This isn’t fair
How none of you care
I know the truth about you and me
Death is the only key
You’ll be happy with me gone
Don’t worry it; won’t be long
I take it in my hand; slit my wrist
My hand becomes a fist
Deeper and deeper I go
Pushing it down and slow,

And now I’m all alone.


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