The Soul Cries


Copyright, The Soul Cries

you say you understand
about everything thats goin on with me
but deep down inside you have no clue what is really wrong with me
watching as i slid the blade across my skin
i let out a sigh of relief
i no now its goin to get worse
but as i think to myself
i no you’ll never change
why not go on doing this
if all this is goin to remain the same
but once again
i turn to you
as if you were my freind
i no there’s no one out there
who see’s wereth enough to understand
as the blood drips
and stains the wooden floor
i look at you once again
and soon ill ask for more
im losing controll of myself now
i just dont no anymore
for i love no one anymore…

My Pain…

Copyright, The Soul Cries

i cut for the pain,
for the blood that is flowing,
if only you new how i felt
you would let me come unglued
numbing myself with the knife
that ive used so many times
the rituals i am used to
carving of my life
so many times
lost a friend over this
the outside of me is lying
im getting sick and tired of this
hoping for the words
that you said would come true
painting pictures on the wall
of what i think of you
i no you talk about me behind my back
make it look like im the one to blame
but inside all the hurtful words you say
help me realize that it’s all because of me
my pain…
now i realize that it was never about you
its all about me
i am the one to blame
cursed with all this hurtful pain
my heart has stopped
calling for the grave
please come and get me
help me float away
stuck here in this body
caressed with all these scars
stuck here to live in this world
that has become so untrue
everynight while your asleep
ill turn to the same knife again
this has become addicting
blessed with all my pain…


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