Copyright, Sandra

The girl said she’d be gone someday
Said she’d break free of restraints, and fly away
Nobody believed her, nobody would
She’d never leave, she never could!
Surrounded by darkness, the girl found the strings
Holding her down to earthly things
She gave a tug, and then a sigh
As she floated into the black enveloped sky
She was gone

The sky spoke no word and the trees gave no clue
As to where on that night the girl had flew
The girl was content, or so they say
Not knowing the difference in night and day
She knew, somehow, there was no end
To this swaying on the wind
She was forever gone

The rest of them, they were bound
Forever and always, there on the ground
There they would lie, day after day
They envied the girl who had gotten away
For she had suddenly gone

A smile came across her lips
As she brushed the moon with her fingertips…
She closed her eyes, and was eternally gone

What Have I Done

Copyright, Sandra

I slip the knife across
My red, blood-stained skin
And wince as i feel the metal
Slowly sinking in
I do not think
I cannot see
I can barely
Even breathe
I feel relief slip slowly
Like the sea upon the shore
But then i suddenly notice
These cuts are bleeding more
Nobody hears my desperate calls
For help, they fade away
Just like my life, it’s slipping
There’s nothing left to say
I let death surround me
forgetting everyone
I take one final breath
“What have i done?”


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