My Reason, My Choice

Copyright Sarah-Jane

As if it isn’t already bad enough.
Blood covers my arms, my hands, my legs and my face.
I bleed for you, for me, for life and death and everything and everyone I’ve ever known.

Don’t you know that’s why I do it?
Can’t you see you’re not to blame?
This was my choice, my right, my only chance of survival in this fucked up, messed up world.

I bleed to keep myself together.
I don’t want to overflow so I gently let it out.
I’m scared I’m going to explode without my gentle outlet. Without the slow drip and soothing pain I am nothing.

Please don’t think it’s your fault.
Please don’t take it away.
I’m not ready to die yet and I cant cry yet. Please don’t make me what I am not.


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