Self Desctructive Immortality

Blood Deep


This poem is blood deep
The wounds that always bleed
Dripping out onto my bed
Filling my head with relife

Scared to be taken away
Ashamed of my self harm
All the cuts neatly lined on my arms

I hold the blade to my arm
Putting pressure down
Slicing into my main vein
Then I pass out

When I wake up
I’m in a pool of red
I’m in the blood so deep
I try to walk but I’m too weak

My knees are shaking
My heart is racing
I try to scream
No one hears me

Could this be it
My last final thought
I’m in this slice so deep
My mother walks in

I close my eyes
I whisper goodbye
She kisses my cheek

I’m in a hell so blood deep


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