Sarah Gonderman

Clever Portrait

Copyright, Sarah Gonderman

Short of breath and filled with thoughts
Honey you’re quite the delicate disaster
You’ve got a way to mask the ache
And the strides you take are such a pain
You’re apt to stumble along the road
But no one will help you up when you take that fall
You’ll crash and burn like the times before
Everybody’s got somebody better than you
Desperation and no one to call
Darling there’s got to be a better way than this
Frantic and rushed, the razors opened wide
The pain you feel inside will soon subside
Lines of red will streak your pale white flesh
Pooring it all out to the turned backs of this world
Defy them and take it in your hands
No one can take from you what you created at last
A perfect portrait of a girl they’re too blind to see
The girl who’s faking it so hard she’s diving in too deep
Words and lines that flow together perfectly
She’s got a clever way of disguising a dying heart


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