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I cry tears that no one can see
Tears that seem so obvious to me

I cry out of shame, guilt and fear
But for some reason no one can see those tears

Anger and bitterness rise against those
Who eyes, in amazement, all seemed to be closed

Why isn’t it obvious, when you look at me
That I’m not the man that I used to be

I’m screaming inside, and all you’re focused about
Is YOU and YOUR life, that I don’t doubt

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault; it’s the media that teaches kids
That life’s about becoming rich, spoiled, skinny pigs

But please let us stick to the topic at hand
ME and MY life and how I’m desperate to stand

Alone from these thoughts of developing a plan
Of becoming the picture of the American man

With muscles, smarts, riches and a beautiful wife
Oh what a pearly “white-picket perfect life”

You must see, must see! that I am not happy at all
Because all I want is to step over the edge of this wall

I take it you don’t care, that my 24-year-old heart is bare
And that I feel that YOUR part of what is keeping me there

This world with its doctors and self-help books
I’ve heard them and read them: all I see is crooks

But don’t think I’m putting it all on you and your friends
Because I’m certainly responsible for the means to these ends

But there’s one thing I can’t help wonder about
Where are you when I feel altogether left out

You mustn’t love me or I think you’d speak up…
God I’m begging you to re-fill my cup

What is it I’ve done in this, my short life
To deserve all this suffering and strife

You don’t have to answer, I’ll be all right
Because I realize that I’m not worth the fight

I’ll just continue to hide behind this wall
The wall that I built to replace it all

I try to tell myself that it isn’t real (the pain I feel)
That it’s all in my head (I should really get real)

But how can I deal with the thoughts in my head
I’ve thought of all the possibilities while lying in bed

The advice, the books, and all the good quotes
Telling me to let go of the pain that I tote

But that’s definitely easier said, than done
Cause you don’t have a clue where I’m coming from

You think you do now that you’ve heard these few lines
You’ve diagnosed me already and think I’ll be fine

Well you keep going on telling yourself that
If you think that will help your ego feel fat

But I’ll still be up… up all this night
Wondering what to do about this unfair plight

Is it worth it to keep up, keep up this bizarre life
Or should I end it with a quick, hard stroke of a knife

I know I sound desperate, but that’s because I am
This world is twisted… where’s the divine plan

I could keep on writing and bring you along
But it might just take my life to finish this song

So here is where I’ll quit with the bawling and ranting
Since all it accomplishes is my mind racing and panting

But before I go, I fear I’d be remiss
If I didn’t remind you, “ignorance is bliss”


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