Copyright, Sazzy

You call me up and pretend to be
Glad that you are friends with me
You say you like who I am
And like the fact I dont give a damn
You encourage our friendship just like before
Whenever I trust you, you shut the door
To be honest I dont understand what you do
Whenever I think I know you there’s something new
You make sure you shit in my face
To put me in my God damn place
I always try to put an end to this twisted tale
But I seem destined to fail
Remember how shit you make me feel
Around you I don’t feel real
You twist and turn the knife in my spirit
Its me who’s got to live with it
It’s me who has to look in the mirror everyday
And plot and plan how to stealth away
You are aware the plan never goes right
You know I’m too weak to fight
You’re blissfully aware that I’m near the edge
You’re pleased to think it may be something you said
So I warn you now for a big surprise
You wouldn’t believe the plan I’ve devised
You’ll be sitting in your room, listening to music your head banging
SURPRISE! you’ll find me hanging


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