Shadow McKenzie

Pain — Issue 2

Copyright, Shadow McKenzie

As Indigo clouds float on by,
I sit here and wonder why.
Why I’m feelin’ like this,
Torn apart by something so insignificant.
Knowing that there is nothing I can do, it’s part of life.
Thunder rolls and rain pours, and as the lightning strikes the tree,
I see your face in front of me.
A shinin’ light in the deep, dark depths of dispair,
The Sky grows dark leaving its mark.
I feel lost and confused,
There’s just too much to lose.
A strange light illuminates the flaws,
The candle flames illuminate my pain.
Wishin’ you were here to stop the rain and hide my shame,
I’m not like them, how could I be?
I know I m not perfect but still,
I am what I am.
Do you like what you see?

Red Rain

Copyright, Shadow McKenzie

Puddles of blood ooze through the streets,
the bright red staining my feet.
I feel the pain, it’s real and insane, but in a way I know I’m free.
I belong to this secret underworld.
Knowing that I can live without fear or guilt.
As I run the knife through my arm,
I take comfort with Self-Harm.
I feel good,
I knew I would.
However i want to stop,
If only I could…

Just One More to Pass it By…

Copyright, Shadow McKenzie

Big crimson droplets fall through the air,
Landing on the floor without a care.
If she feels pain she doesn’t say,
Preferring to watch the blood flow her own way.
She says it calms her;
I say it harms her.
We’re both the same,
Sharing our pain.
We’ve got noone to blame,
We’re the same.
Me and her,
Her and me.
No matter who we are,
We watch the blood fall all the time.
We know it’s not a crime.
There are two sides to every story,
Sometimes it gets gory.
There’s always a history behind self-harming,
Those that do it say it’s calming.
I’ve done it…In fact I still do,
People who won’t, don’t have a clue.
It’s not attention seeking,
It’s relieving.
The pain inside,
> From which we can’t hide.
Means we’re grieving.
Please help me,
Can’t you understand what it means?
A helping hand,
Turns nightmares into dreams.


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