Still Cuts

Why I Cut

Copyright, Still Cuts

I hide in the corner,
and listen to the screams,
havent slept in a week,
dont you see what this is doing to me?
evry night i stay on the couch with my mom,
protecting her,
dont sleep till 5 a.m.
but i shouldent have slept,
at 6 she wakes me,
bruises on her face,
im forced to go to school,
and have a normal day,
come home and play with my friends,
darkness falls,
and it happens agean,
another bruise,
another night,
another scream,
another fight,
im beaten,
brocken, ready to give up,
the cops come,
i suck it up,
this is torture,
i tell the nurse,
now my mom hides needles,
in her purse,
i have a razor,
for me,
and the pain is all mine,
dont try to help me,
im doing fine.


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