Help Please

Copyright, Shannon

‘Help please’ is what i see writen on the wall
fomr a gurl who’s world id about to fall
fall into darkness and pain
for all eternity
that same gurl is asking for help
even tho you don’t see her weep
every night in the corner
blood dripping down her arms
people looking apon the like forners
trying to get throw to her not thinking about the harms
harning she has done
no one knows no one will
she will be gone tonight
that little gurl u know who she is
she’s the gurl sitting right next to you!

Perverse Pleasure

Copyright, Shannon

I’m happy, not sad,
not emosinal, not mad,
i have a perverse pleasure,
makes me feel under the weather,
i have scars,
i cut, i cut myself,
i have my emosions on a shelf,
up high in a box,
with a million, one keyed locks,
the key is not where in sight,
2 get it it’ll be a great big fight,
the key is (if i should tell) is by my heart,
it will unlock my box high on the shelf if we should ever part,
yes i’ll cry, i’ll be pissed, i’ll be happy all i will be,
then back i’ll have my key,
then my love will just flee,
fly far far away,
i hope thats ok!

All the Pain

Copyright, Shannon

I cut to let the pain out,
and then I begin to pout.
It gives me less pain,
but then I always gain,
more pain!
Guys touching me,
so I flee!
Away from here,
even though all of this was mere.
I need to go feel free,
that’s the way I decide it to be!
I got all this pain,
and so much more to gain!


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