Copyright, Sharri

Hard times, can’t take this anymore,
nobody around, nobody listens,
i need to yell, scream but nothin is there,
Holding a razor, i cut deeper,
Blood flowing out of my cuts,
red and dark, running down my arm,
Staring at it, eyes glossy,
Starting to walk out of my room,
Blood falling to the floor,
Dripping, trailing behind me,
looking at myself in the mirror,
wondering what ive done,
Eyes filling up with tears,
I want to cry but i cant,
As i hold the razor i stare,
I close my eyes, take a deep breath and let go,
Falling to the floor, everything spinning,
Getting dark, i have blurred vision,
What’s happening, i ask, my eyes closed,
Final time remembering everything,
Family, friends, visions of them disapear,
loosing all feeling dying slowly,
I need help, someone help i cry out,
Not remembering where i was,
Wanting out, laying in my cold blood on the floor,
Nothing left, life has dissolved,
All love and hope gone,
I just dont care anymore, nothing i do is ever right,
Waking up, cuts are healedm
I look around all black,
Soon flames are all around,
I want nothing to do with this,
I realize im in hell, getting hotter,
But down here, im feeling cold and lost,
Crawling with pain, know one can solve,
I took my life away and hurt so many people,
I needed out i couldnt take the arguing, nor the fighting,
Some people cared, not a lot though,
I’m here now wishing i could take it back,
Then looking at all the shit i’ve been through… saying NO!
I dont want to go back, i begin to run,
Not getting anywhere,
Giving up and giving in,
Finding somewhere to hide, for eternity,
I kneel down screaming, begging,
Let me go, make me happier,

The Blackest Gift

Copyright, Sharri

It is a night of sorrow, a song of dark desire,
wolves vent their loneliness. The immortal one

Darkness shrouds her deathly form,
an eternal dread.

Her inky black hair cascades over
pale shoulders, and her
full deeply crimson lips part slightly, to taste the
life streaming from the
pale flesh beneath

Now a night of ecstasy,
I awaken.


Copyright, Sharri

What have you taken away?
a haze of agony as affections scream.
once we savored innocence,
hand in hand and untainted,
but your desire perished.
a hateful vision of darkness—
drops of blood follow pain, follow night,
love bled dry.
in a storm of vengeance,
i condemn you.


Copyright, Sharri

Something isn’t right…
I’m sitting here thinking…
Nobody around, wondering why?
I feel hopeless and lost.
Life is dead, all I feel is pain
My energy is drained from my body…
I don t want to be here anymore…
people look at me differently
I feel watched and used
Many things have been happening
My being is pointless
All faith and dreams are gone
I refuse to feel this
Temptations are killing me slowly
I wanna run, but I am chained
Held here by foolish people
My surroundings are becoming a lost memory in my mind
Hazed and gray are the characteristics of my life
In the street a car goes by, people staring at me
I want happiness but cant find it…
There isn t any love, it all turned to lust
Many thoughts over ruling my body
I don t wanna fight this anymore…
I find myself walking out my door
To the still night of that day
When all is lost, everything falls.
I let go, final time,
Running faster, screaming louder
I want to get away, go where I belong
Starts to rain hard, water falling on my head
Soaked through and through
Water hits my face as I run…
I slow down, look, and stop
My thoughts have left me
Turning around, wanting to go back
Loosing all senses
Broken, lost…
Dazed, and confused.


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