Life… A Cycle of Pain

Copyright, Shoshanna

the anguish leads to the cuts
the cuts lead to the scars
the scars bring up the memories
the memories bring about the anguish
the anguish leads to the cuts
life is a vicious cycle of pain
no matter where u run to u can never hide it
they say face it u will feel better
but i know better then that, I feel the hurt
and i know that hurt should be pushed away
the way it was meant to be
pushed away and hidden it’s safer that way
and safety means pain free
if only that stage could really be achieved

Step by Step

Copyright, Shoshanna

First I cry
Second I cut
Third I bleed
And last I die
I cry because I feel nothing, I m emotionless
I cut because I cry and I need to have a reason why
I bleed because I cut so that I do not cry
And last I die; once I m gone I no longer will need to feel emotions
Truth be told I must have died long, long ago, on the inside that is;
As now for me to feel any emotion I must cry then cut
Thats not a way of life, I must have died long long ago
First I cry
Second I cut
Third I bleed
And last I die


Copyright, Shoshanna

The sky opens as does her arm
Then the rain falls as does the blood raining from her cuts
The thunder is loud like the cries of pain she lets out
The lightning fast like the brief feeling of pain
The rainbow seals everything up, the storm is over
Her bandage covers her cut, the bleeding has ceased
But soon another thunder storm comes along
And just as soon another storm of emotions
And the sky opens as does her arm


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