The Final Goodbye

Copyright, Sandi

now that you
are reading this
it is my soul
you do not miss.
I wrote you this
to let you know
it’s not your fault
I had to go.
I left both you
and the world behind
because I felt
it was beyond my time.
Please don’t waste
your tears on me
it’s not worth it
as you can see.
I had decided that
there was no reason
to live a life
from season to season.
I never knew what
I was to become
I had no future
I was far to dumb.
You told me so
every day
so I felt I had
no need to stay.
Why stay in a life
that you’re no need
So I finished myself
so you wouldn’t have to see.
You wanted a sucess
you beleived in me
but I couldn’t become
what you wanted of me.
I’m sorry dear family
and to all of my friends
I’m sorry that all of this
had to come to an end.
But now I must go
and leave you with this
It’s beyond my time
for the devils kiss…


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