The Pain

Copyright Star

Dead to the world
but nobody realy cares
so i hide away in a corner
and avoid the stares
i pick up a razor blade
a knife, needle or pen
and slowly open wounds
on my crimson skin
i smile at myself
because the pain that i feel
it makes me feel alive
its the only thing thats real
and a rush of adrenalin
corses through my vain
a smile on my face
i guess im insane
i dont care
that my skin is now tore
cause i know you cant hurt me


Copyright Star

Mocking eyes of hate
Tormenting their souls of devastation.
causing lives to seas
Lying eyes deceiving love that’s diminished from the scolding hearts.
Lying upon the death of the awakening.
Never forgetting the love that wasn’t.
Deceiving the light.
Descrimaging the possibility.
Chancing the reality
Never there.
The death of my haert sinks.
In justify what there was.
The nothingness will fade into everything.
The stupidity that blinds us will kill the wisdom.


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