Sarah E


Copyright, Sarah E

Time has run out
It’s to late
You cant help me anymore
you tried once
And it failed
Let me go
It’s my time to leave
This bitter world


Copyright, Sarah E

The knifes are sharp
The wounds are deep
There is no pain
Only the blood
That runs down her soft arms
She starts to cry
And I start to scream
Not knowing what went wrong
Now shes dead
As I lay next to her cold body
Is I think to myself
Fuck, I just killed my best friend


Copyright, Sarah E

I cut to feel the pain
I bleed to feel free
The only way I can deal
With all my pain inside
I cut to let my pain free
For the blood to flow free
From my broken heart
When I cut I feel no pain
I’m numb
Numb to the touch
Numb to the pain


Copyright, Sarah E

The blood flows through the cuts I coused
And drips down my arms
It makes me feel free
Carving letters,lines, and pictures
In my warm flesh
My body bleeds till its all empty
The pain
The blood
It feels so good


Copyright, Sarah E

The tears fill in her eyes
Then trickle dowwn her face
Her lips turn blue
The bottle of pills
Fall from her hands
She falls to the the floor
She just lays there
Her eyes close slowly
Never to have to face
Another day


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