Silvery Presence

Copyright, Spider

I promised you all,
I wouldn’t do it again.
But everything I do,
to you is a sin.
It’s tempting me now,
with it’s silvery presence.
I’m going to use it now,
to erase my existance.
Life no more,
comes easily to me.
Wandering alone,
no more can I see.
The darkness has swallowed me,
and now I’m drowning.
Smiles are gone,
there is no laughing.
I want you to know,
I’ll always love you.
Because somehow you know,
what I’ve been through.
The tears that I cry,
are your token.
I struggle to breathe,
my heart is broken.
I say a prayer,
deeply cutting into my arm.
I’m sick of pretending,
trying not to do harm.
Everything I do,
only pisses you off.
Walking into your house,
you only scoff.
Looking into the sky,
watching the blood drip.
I start to see stars,
and I bite my lower lip.
Passing out slowly,
what message will this send?
Hysterically laughing,
my life put to an end…


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