Blue Rivers Run Red

Copyright, Scarling

My mystic blue rivers run red,
invaded by the blade that danced in my head,
I wish,oh I wish that I could wake up dead.

I sat there alone, counting my scars,
While you were out,droughting the bars,
I should’ve run away,oh gone very far…

The you came home and started to scream
More terrifying than any nightmare or dream
That I could ever make up, imagine or deem

I saw it in your eyes, burning like leprosy
with every smack and blow that you gave to me,
I knew that I had to set myself free

So then it began to fabricate,
the pleasurable idea o my fate
I added a wound with every pill that I ate.

So I let my mystic blue rivers run red
Unleashed by the blade that danced in my head
I am, oh I am, Oh how I woke up dead…


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