Soul Reaver


Copyright, Soul Reaver

Shining bright, small sliver of light
Reflection of the razor’s edge,
Unmarred by the blossoming river of red.
Coursing down the course you cut.

Pain, so sweet, so soothing.
Release of pressure, pent up almost
To the breaking point.

A single river runs, but never for long.
That sliver always sings in pairs,
Whispering wishes in scared flesh,
Tracing a withered map across soiled grounds.

Sliver of light reflected so bright,
Twinkling, star born hope of dreams.
Teacher of things far beyond pain.
Understanding of the reasoning.

Sweet sliver, never marked by the river,
Great Harbinger,
Understanding lover,
Never questions, only answers.

Draw your maps across me, ease my suffering, end my pain, slice away….


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