Sarah Jane

Elements that Make Up Me

Copyright, Sarah Jane

A group of strangers in a room,
Are these people destined to doom?
“Hi, I’m Mr.Alcoholic”
The silence is broken — no more panic,
The others come forward,
The truth is distorted,
“Hi, I’m Miss Anorexic”
These peoples minds are hectick,
“Hi, I’m Mr.Self-distruction”
This is their introduction,
Eyes staring into space,
Is it wrong to stare at some ones face?
“Hi I’m Mr.Suicidal”
Are these people just idle?
These people are lost and scared,
They never cared,
“Hi I’m Mr.40 cigarettes a day”
Will these people throw their one chance away?
Will this fill their void?
“Hi I’m Mr.Paranoid”
Fake smiles appear,
They are so far away yet near,
The voice of education walks through the door,
He hopes to make these people more,
“Hi I’m Mr.Addiction”
What a contridiction.


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