Somewhat Me

Copyright, SamanthaB

I’m scared of what I have become
Because of my thoughts of inside
And my deep feelings of suicide

I’ve become hurt, lost, and sad
So I’ve taken my anger out
On myself and I turn to pout

My release of pain is to cut
I tend to go way too deep
That my blood will seep

Drain out of my body
I hope that it flows fast
And that my life won’t have to last

But of course I can’t
I have become too scared
But life is bad and I wish I cared

I go to cry and release the pain
But yet I’m failing and losing grip
Under the blade my skin will tear and rip

This routine that goes on
My family has never known
Only because I have them hid and never shown

Watching them
So they don’t find out
I’d be too scared because my mother would shout

But yet I do it
Just to get away from it all
Waiting for my day to die-I stall

Days to weeks and months to years
I’ve been self-inflicting
In my room where I’m always sitting

I see myself over and over again
Cutting because of everything I’ve ever hated
Now its my time to go because this long I have waited


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