Copyright Mariah/The Wind

A Fading Child

I cry out for help-
yet no one hears.
I cry out in tears-
but no one cares.
Inside the child keeps on fading,
creating a new image-
rising above the shadows and rising into the light.
A me that is weak, sensitive — and crazy.
Nobody sees it-
yet nobody would care,
life is just never any fair.
The knife inside my heart turns once again.
The pain begins. my new life then ends.
The butterfly loses it’s wings,
then falls.
But the star stays up strong,
even though the petals all fall.
The child inside and memories,
will never die-they’ll only kill me:
on the inside.

Give Me a Scar

fuck life
and screw pain
why the hell — do we contain?
these thoughts.
these voices.
these god forsaken memories.

yell. scream.
kick. beat.
tear me apart.
my hearts been broken -
for quite some time.
Better yet; shattered,
all in the same time.

fight me.
kill me.
just don’t ever see me.
run away.
you’ll never be; a part of mine.

try to make me stronger,
i’ll only fall.
Seek me help
and i won’t be here at all.
give me a scar.
you already hold the knife.
I paint a miracle -
you shred it from life.
I earn a dream -
you tell me that can’t be.

so fuck life
and screw the pain
these are the thoughts; that i contain.


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