Copyright Martin

We hide the marks from prying eyes
Never showing them see the light
For when the lights does touch It stings
showing others things best left unseen.

But when we open up out hearts
showing why it is we hurt
They shun us away to hide their shame
Never knowing who’s to blame

At the end they wonder why
When we are gone but still alive
Our bodies left alone to die
I alone ask you not to cry


Copyright Martin

Have you ever been tempted
to see how much you bleed?
to takea blade
and cut away all yor hopes and fears?

Have you ever wanted
To know when it will end?
to end it now
and stop the pain before it can begin?

Have you ever wished
To push the blade too far?
to cut too deep
and let death take your soul?

Feel the Pain!

Copyright Martin

i want you to feel the pain. The way i do.
Feel the delightful pain thats running through your veins, screaming.
Screaming of claustrofobic, wantin’ to escape, no matter what.
you’ll know that you’ll go mad if you don’t do something.
What should you do?

No One

Copyright Martin

No one see me crying.
No one see my pain.
No one see me bearing,
around my neck this chain.

No one hear me screaming.
No one hear me die.
No one hear me singing.
“I just wanna fly”

No one listen to me crying.
No one listens to my pain.
No one listens to my calls.
I was born in vain.

No one taste my tears.
No one taste my sigh.
No one taste my fear.
I was born to die.

The Game

Copyright Martin

I’m happy on the outside,
but on the inside i’m sad.
I just wan’t is all to be over,
but i know,
that i don’t have the guts.
so what else to do,
then to play the game a little longer?

I’m white on the outside,
but on the inside i’m red,
is it because all the tears i shed,
was full of grief and anger?
I wanna quit this game now,
I’t ain’t fun anymore.
I just hope that if i quit,
everything will dissappere.
and noone will be left behind.
but i know,
that i don’t have the guts.
but what else to do,
when i play this game called life?


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