Copyright, Molly

Fire ignites from the inside
no water, i’m drowning from my own fake tears again
Words contained by my ego
no self confidence, no self reliance

You say what’s already been said
And you do what’s already been done
You’re overboard, overboard
Drama Queen, you can’t help me

Happiness meets the confusion that is my mind
Detachment from reality
Empty from the ideas you filled me with
Can’t think for myself, you’ll think that i’m wrong

You are what’s already here
And you break what’s already been broken
Threw me overboard, i’m overboard
Drama Queen, you can’t save me

They’ll Never Quite Get You

Copyright, Molly

Try and understand it
Though you may have never heard these words before
Don’t try and disregard me
For you don’t know what is goin on

Sit and rearrange it
No matter how much there is to clean up
Never let your heart run wild
For you don’t what is goind to be

Don’t try to let them talk you into
Things you never could believe
You can’t let them see you through
For they’ll never quite get you

Rescue your mind from it
Though it’ll never be completely free from destruction
Cracking and fallinf
For you can’t hold on forever

Don’t listen to it
No matter how loud it plays
That voice penetrating you thoughts
For no one cares how you feel

Don’t try and let them tell you
Things you never want to hear
You can’t let them see you through
For they’ll never quite get you


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