View Fades Black

Copyright Mackenzye

Lost And Lonely,
Tears Fall Fast,
Breath Run Short,
Razor Close Now,
Down An Inch,
Dug In Deep Now,
No More Pain,
Blood Seeps Thick,
Head Feels Light,
World Starts Spinning,
View Fades Black,
Too Late To Stop Me,
You Should’ve Thought First,
I’ll Always Love You,
Til My Heart’s Last Beat,
Seems So Close Now,
Eternal Sleep Says “Welcome”
My Heart With It’s Final Words,
I’m Sorry, I Love You, Please Forgive Me,
And Goodbye…

Press Down

Copyright, Mackenzye

holding this against my wrist
and watching you do nothing again
only makes me press deeper…
one more memory…
is all it would take…
to drag it down my arm.


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