Copyright Meredith

I said trust me the cuts cover the pain
He said I don’t care that doesn’t make it good
The sky got dark and it started to rain
I walked away crying as I pulled up my hood
I get to my house, no one’s there
Crying I stumble up to my room
Looking at my reflection ripping out my hair
Staring at my bed hearing my door open
With the scissors at my neck I turn
Standing in my doorway, it’s him
My face starts to get red and burn
He grabs me by the waist I cut my chin
Grabs the scissors takes my arm
holds me tight and doesn’t let go
says he won’t let me cause harm
i don’t want to die, i want to feel that i’m here
when i cut, i don’t have problems
i promise him i wont kill myself
he just hugs me and holds me tight
he holds me for hours, doesn’t leave for a long time
he says it’ll be ok as long as you’re with me
i fall asleep, he watches me all night
when i wake up, he’s there and still holding me
he says see i said i’d never leave you,
and he still hasn’t left.


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