Inside My Mind

Copyright Midnite

I always hoped that it all would just go away,
never come back, but it seems that it always will stay.
I try so hard, I try to forget but no matter what
I do it’s always around, no matter where I sit.
They tell me nothings wrong and that I’m ok but
they have no idea how I’m guna go away.
I stay awake, I think and think, I wonder why, but all
I can see is how I could possibly die. Nobody knows, I
try to hint, but they don’t understand. I try to figure out
why again and again, I live my life just thinkin nothins wrong,
I’m like everybody else and pick up that bong all day long.
I just wish everything would go away, and never come back,
even if it’s another day. But until that day I figure out why,
all I can see is how I might die!


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