An Underage Tragedy

Copyright, McKenzie

tearing away at her skin she is crying
nothing goes right for her
and this is her only way to be herself
her friends dont notice
as she keeps it well hidden
without her mask where would she hide?
she has everbody fooled,
with a smile on her face
but those scratches she makes tears her apart inside
everyday the vicious cycle starts again

The Beautiful Girl

Copyright, McKenzie

A child is born
supposed to make people proud
but they find a flaw
As the girl grows, she becomes more beautiful everyday

She dances in her room
where no one can see
her dress slips over her shoulder as she twirls

they all see it
its why no one wants to know the beautiful girl
under her dress lies a beautiful secret
she wears ruby jewelry
A gift from the pain within


Copyright, McKenzie

Her heart has been flooded
from the tears that she’s shed
inside her lonely head is where she runs
escaping inside her soul

From the outside no one can tell
she hides it with a mask
but behind her clothes her secrets lie
and behind her smile theres a soft cry

the pain causes tears
so she uses her body to sell her soul
this hopeless life she wants no more

Nobody’s Angel

Copyright, McKenzie

She hates being alone.
Rain falls from her eyes and clouds fill her heart.
Its over once and for all, no turning back.
She’s all alone
In the dark storm of her heart, her mind is like a hurricane her thoughts blowing in the wind.
She’s all alone in the eye of the storm and can’t get out.
Hope is fading, farther and farther away.
She hates being alone.
But she has a friend, one she keeps secret, hidden from the people.
Her friend wont judge her, like most friends do.
Her friend doesnt lie. It tells the truth. It shows the truth. Clear on her wrist.


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