M. J. Higgins


Copyright, M. J. Higgins

i take the blade
just one last time
i watch the red river flow
as i watch, i forget
everything that it hurts to remember

i run my fingers down my arm
feeling the scars
they remind me,
i can feel
and let me know, i’m alive


Copyright, M. J. Higgins

i just dont want to feel the pain,
i just dont want to cry again.
i think i’ll just let myself fall,
i think i’ll just end it all.
i’m no longer innocent, i’m no longer free,
i’m no longer hopeful, there’s one way out for me.
as i sit alone,knife in hand,
i look at the blade, it seems to demand
“just do it now!it’s time to go!”
now i must let the blood flow.


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