Lines of Life

Copyright Mark

Line one
I fell the burn and i see the drips
I hear the people and their coments stick
They call me freak and they push me away
Im sick of it all i cant live this way
Line two
I feel the burn a little more
The line is deeper and i fall to the floor
The comments continue and i cannot feel
How can i stop if i dont know whats real
Line three
I feel no burn but the liquid pours out
I hear them scream and i hear them shout
Why did everything have to be this way
I think its time to just fade away
Line four
I feel no burn but this time im afraid
The crimson drops pour like a summer rain
I hear the voices shouting but i dont understand
How this all started and how quickly it came to the end
Line five
My stomach now quivers and my vision turns to black
I think i should call for help but there is no turning back
The ceiling starts to fade and i think its time to go
I dont know what to do everything feels like a show
Line six
There is no doubt. I have gone to far
Think of going nowhere and not know who you are
Think of how it feels crying alone in the night
Think of how it feels to know that you will die tonight.
Line seven.
I see nothing and nothing sees me
I am nothing and nothing is me
That little peice of metal went accros my skin far to much
I cant go back the task is done and oh how i regret it such


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