Copyright Mir

It was her fault,
the tears streaming down her
how did it get this way
where had she gone wrong?
the pain was stronger
she sat alone
crying, breahthing, living
she wanted to know why
the fire burnt through her skin
but the pain was gone
nothing left
but scars to remind her
she hid them well
still he knew something was wrong
no one could help her
she was on her own
how she longed for freedom
an addiction
it killed her inside
this is my life.

In Her Eyes

Copyright Mir

shes broken, yet shes happy
she can’t be fixed,
she doesn’t want to be.
she’s happy with herself
on the outside
no one understands
the concept of beauty
compared to her inside
she looks perfect
in her eyes

she wandered
through life
in search of something
but she didn’t know what
if it was a what or a who
lost and alone
she stood for what seemed
to be eternity
but life seemed perfect
in her eyes

she cried
a million days
but no one heard her
no one could help
she covered her anger
sadness and confusion
with fake smiles
upon her face everyday
but it was perfect
in her eyes

she’d finally found it
that one special thing
to make her life worth it
it was him
he was worth living
inocence grew old
lost in the distance
she gave herself to him
he was perfect
in her eyes

Perfection has its flaws
fights filled their days
yet she couldn’t let go
thats all he was
he hurt her
yet she’d stay
unable to tell him
how was this perfect
in her eyes

How was she so stupid
she’d let him ruin her
this was all wrong
now that she knew
the help did nothing
her cries came unattended
these were her days
lost and wasted
not so perfect
in her eyes

cuts and burns covered her
fragile and scarred body
beautiful as always
she never lost her touch
relief was all she wanted
and she’d found a way
pain relief never hurt so good
it was all perfect
in her eyes

she gave up
she didn’t care any longer
she didn’t want to be living
the lie that was being fed to her
life was just once
and never again
to take back her past
would have meant the world
yet it was perfect
in her eyes


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