Undesired Warmth

Copyright, MordAsak

The poster child
Of this cause
Has been defiled
by sacred claws

Its burning heart
Has been carved out
It s time to start
Having your doubts

Cause the angels
Begin the slaughter
While the devils
Make it hotter

It s about time
You packed and ran
And hear heaven chime
For end of man

But wounds won t clean
And rot will eat
You want to scream
But you re bleeding meat

Paved with pearly stones
Remainders of scarred bones
The skies are ripping apart
Just a dark, bleeding heart

I m being sucked in
Tearing from bone and skin
But gotten this far
Through mud and tar

And there s no one.
I ll simply have to learn
That the story s done
And let it all burn.

Algernon’s Requiem

Copyright, MordAsak

swallowed by mosquitos of carbonated dreams
have given some insight that nothings what it seems
fragmented passages in ancient tv guides
broadcast a network of stories johnny hides

he’s been a doughboy, a complete unkown
he’s been selected, injected, and thrown
drowned by bubbles in his newfound beer
blinded by visions, sweating scarlet tears

remembers to sit up, getting off the floor
victim of business breaking jaws on door
he’s many types; people all wrapped in one
a mishap of society, has ownership of none

ancient clockwork razors creak,
foundations break and painfully leak
hidden, surrounded with his shades,
unanswered questions, sharpend blades

burning moons across skies
cutting, blinding faithless eyes
is this why he can’t see
the man he’ll never come to be

dead mice, scattered rocks
against sand’s wavy locks
nights glow against the page
he slowly eats his rage


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