Copyright, Marilyn

bring forth the eyes raging red in a sea of darkness,
i comand the blade be loosed,
for those who long and those who are long winded
i cannot say which is the best.

but ah for me blades do rise to fall again
with just one or two swift hacks
the noose of imprisonment gone from my breast
not to come again, until

i loose the fury filled high
its is dashed upon the waves in a sea never ending
the rope round my neck is back
and back until again the blade does rise and fall

but this fall of future days
it will take more fall than ever before
it must take the flesh in its wasted misery
and dismiss the curtain kept o’er it all

to rise again? is it a pheonix?
nay, but high times draw it up with them
for what is good is all thats bad weird friend
and the blade shall swallow the misery of all scarred flesh again


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