Story of My Life

Copyright, Meg

You can never stop pain,
It’s as constant as change.
I draw a fresh crimson line
then tug at my sleeve,
and walk on by.
This is the story of my life.

Falling Angels

Copyright, Meg

Angels fall before my eyes
their wings caked with blood,
their screams all around me
shaking the walls.

Fists so tight I break my hands,
eyes slammed shut as if sown,
teeth grinding aching my jaw,
I am not here!
This is not real!

This destruction continues
breaking apart my mind
how can I conceive it?
how could I process it?

Betrayed they are
by their own desires,
wanting life
needing feeling.

Tossed from heaven
they have no home,
they trusted but they lost
and so now they lie sprawled
crimson pavement as their bed,
“I want more”
is all they said.

Everything Smells like Roses

Copyright, Meg

everything smells like roses
even when it’s all fucked up
everyone’s dying
(is this the new trend)
sun sets on a fucked up world
blues for all the yous out there
red for all the mess
red like the blood that
runs down my wrists
red like the anger that
bloats me
like a circus balloon

Last Time

Copyright, Meg

i open my eyes
im all alone
sitting on the floor
near the phone
where is my sister
when will she call
if only i didnt
see what i saw
now hes mad
hes looking for me
he beats on the doors
screaming loudly
i turn my head
there he is
i dare not move
or id be his
in his hand
he has a belt
he strikes me once
i see the welt
inside my head
i wonder why
it has to happen
and i begin to cry
thats a mistake
crying is bad
i shouldnt have done it
but i cant help being sad
why does he hate me
it isn’t fair
what did i do
to make him not care
he sees the tears
they make him yell
i know its my fault
this living hell
i manage to get up
and crawl to the door
my legs hurt
my body is sore
one more step
and id be outside
im faster then him
i know where to hide
he disappreared
where has he gone
maybe he quit
and i finally won
i thnk i’ve done it
i beat him at his game
oh no hes back
its all the same
a punch ot the face
i feel the pain
what do i do
what have i to gain
i can see the blood
all over the place
dripping off my legs
rolling down my face
i should have been good
and done what he said
i wouldnt feel pain
i wouldnt be dead
but it was my fault
and now the price ill pay
but did i have to die
on this particular day


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