Copyright, Imphenzia

I asked you last night, Dear God,
To take away my pain.
I thought you would understand, Dear God,
That it was driving me insane.

I tried to explain my problems, Dear God,
But you didn’t understand.
I cried so much last night, Dear God,
If you would only reach out your hand.

I tried not to do any harm, Dear God,
But no-one was by my side.
I couldn’t resist temptation, Dear God,
Eventhough I really tried.

I waitet all day long, Dear God,
But nothing changed at all.
So I ask you again tonight, Dear God,
Catch me when I fall.

I’m sorry world

Copyright, Imphenzia

I’m sorry mom for my mistakes,
that I hurt you for so long.
I’m sorry that I didn’t tell,
that all inside went wrong.

I’m sorry dad, I should have said,
I loved you all the time.
I’m sorry that I couldn’t say,
that I was never fine.

I’m sorry sisters for my laughs,
for those where not sincere.
I’m sorry that I didn’t show,
I had you both so dear.

I’m sorry brother for all the time,
I screamed and yelled at you.
I’m sorry I never kissed you instead,
of allways being grime.

I’m sorry world, that I was born,
I wish that i could choose.
Cause if I had that option,
I would never had to lose.


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