Copyright, Melinda

i have a lil toy
that i like to play with now and then
it makes a pretty color red
when it digs into my skin
the red then spills onto the floor
and then i do it more and more
i make a pretty design on my wrist
with one simple slice and a twist
the pain never makes me cry
not one single tear will fill my eye
one day when i go too deep
and my life is no longer be mine to keep
jus remember why i told you this…
why i drew a picture on my wrist…
i did it cuz no one cared
and if you did, then why weren’t you there?

The Life that was Shortheld

Copyright, Melinda

as she walked down the valley of the shadow of death,
she feared no evil,
for Death was with her.
Your rope and blade streghen her.
you sacrifice your life in front of your enemies,
you annoint her head with your blood.
your death and destruction chase after her
through all the days of her life
your screams of torment blast her from this world
so she crys at night
dreaming of you
wishing she had more time to spend with you
she wonders just why,
you had to die so soon.


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