Mangled Barbie


Copyright, Mangled Barbie

Maybe it would be better
If I didn’t wake up tomorrow
Maybe it would be better
For everyone
If I didn’t wake up tomorrow
Nobody will even cry
If I don’t say say goodbye
What is it in me
That causes all this pain
But they can dry
Their eyes
Ill never forget that look
As the tears rolled down
Tracing a map along his face
That was it
I could finally see
I have to let them be
As I lie on the bed
A life flashes trough my head
It doesn’t seem real
Like it didn’t happen to me
Im alone
In my room
In my cell
I know this
Must be worse than hell
I want to know why
But its better this way
They’ll all be okay
If I don’t wake up tomorrow
No I wont wake up tomorrow


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