Copyright Monty

This poem is about when I was taken advantage of by a trusted loved one, it was the starting point of my SI.

i dont know what i did to deserve this.
i dont know what to do.
i cant help but feel,
my hearts been ripped into two.
it all your fault, yet the blames on me
because what u did is killing me.
now i feel its all just me
im fat
im ugly
im just not right
i hate myself
i want to die
im not normal
why cant i change
i keep falling for these guys
who are all the same
they take advantage
and dont deserve what they get
at the time “its just a rep”
but after no one can seem to get over it
i was played for a fool
trust me hun being a “playa” aint that cool
one day you see- all the girls will find out what u did to me
and then baby it will be great
to see those girls retaliate!
i dont know why i waste my time
waiting in your stupid line…
of blonde bimbos who arent aware
of what you are really capable of…
why should i be nice?
to the guy who HURT ME TWICE…
why did i go back to you
when all you did was make me blue?
i hope you burn in hell “______”
i really do…
i cant handle this
i cant live
thats why is chose to do this…
sorry mum.


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