I Cry

Copyright, MistakenCreation

i cry…..
for the hope of a better life
i cry……
for being addicted to the knife
i cry……
bcuz i am not destined for the above
i cry……
i am not worthy enough of his love
i cry……
bcuz im all alone
i cry…..
misery is my hearts home
i cry….
nothing will be the same
i cry….
all i feel now is pain

Blood Pour

Copyright, MistakenCreation

It’ll keep on pouring
a knife
grasped in my shaking hand
the pain oozing
out of
my wrists
feeling the sadness
drifting away
i sleep…
there is so much wet
so much blood pour
spillin away
and onto
the floor…
i am gone
my death is a new beginning
soaked in my blood
i feel myself
my cuts, such red beauty
are now numb
i am now satisfied
i am free
i can finally rest
i sleep…
there is so much wet
so much blood pour
spilling away
and onto the floor

Final Rest

Copyright, MistakenCreation

the existence of her life apon one slit
one movement…one drop
a dieing spirit screaming to be let out
her desperate cries not being heard
a shattered hope of life
a dream filled with eternal happiness
smashed apon reality
awaking to her final rest…her final burden
drops of blood red as a rose
overwhelming sensations filling her body
a first smile scross her face
as she lays down and closes her eyes
to her final rest….her final life
her final goodbye…

Her True Love

Copyright, MistakenCreation

the internal flame of her heart
burning inside with every breathe
upon her misery and sorrow
now feeling nothing
no hopes no dreams
only fate and destiny awaits her arrival
shes being called, her name she hears
“its time for you to go”
she walks towards her fate
now with a grin on her face
she becomes sleepy and falls to her death
yet she finds she has found her place
A new beginning, born once again
she has found her meaning
that the life she once new was only a dream
Her fate has come to her
she is now complete
she has finally found
her true love…


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