Music Box

Copyright Maria

Music box, sing me a song
a lullaby to whisper me to sleep
Shut my hazel painted up black eyes
and lead me into a slumberl oh so deep
sing me a song, not of anything but a song of nothing
wind up the handle, and let the ballerina twirl
as dreams unfold the truth; behind my black eyes
let the memories unravel the forgotten
the thunder rolls past me;
and the rain traps upon the crystel glass window
pouring down; all that I know.
the candles lit low; the music softly slows
Music box? why’d you stop? sing me a song?
Wind up the Music Box.. A flash of lightening
finishing the song… a child… slowly
drifts away. Into the clouds;
Sing to me a song Music Box.
And the thunder rolls.


Copyright Maria

I’m denying to myself what happened.
A body; not tourn but broken.
Hazel eyes; crying crimson tears.
Only forgetting what I wanted to remember,
And only letting someone in; that already entered.
Waiting for a different ending,
I’m denying to myself what happened…
In reality; I know perfectly well…
I’m here for a reason; perhaps.
And my body isn’t tourn but broken.
Shaking; bitter cold.
I’m denying to myself what happened.

My Dead Heart

Copyright Maria

My dead heart;
Has fallen apart.
And the love I once talked about,
has finally ran out.
I’ll slowly forget the memories of it;
and how my broken heart will never perfectly fit.
Cracked down the middle; tourn at the seam.
Love, not anything like a dream.
Are you proud of what you did?
I’m closing my heart; Locking the lid.
I loved you; with all my heart.
Love, you just watched me fall apart.
my dear why does love hurt like so?
why does it put me on a all time low?
So tkae this dagger; beautiful, cut me deep…
With this heart… I cannot keep.
My love, you watched me as i fell apart.
I loved you with every piece of my dead heart.


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