Copyright Michelle

where do u go to get away
how far can u go to be happy and gay

but what happens when you’ve lost track of time
all of your memories slowly unwind

the only thing you can perceive
are the nightmares only you can receive

but when its all over and done
you just want to go hide and run

yet you have a different way to escape
a way that involves an almighty scrape

while your mind is going quickly insane
the rush of it all is hard to obtain

each gash you create with whatever you find
lets out everything you hold deep in your mind

when its all over and you feel more viable
your solution to problems seems almost undeniable

My Own Despise

Copyright Michelle

the blood running through my veins is icy cold
the knife in my hand that I hold wants to slide across my skin
to let the cold blood seep from with in
my heart pounding mind racing
hands trembling feet pacing
slowly blade raised to flesh
the color red makes such a mess
opening of door snaps me back
they’ve caught me in my own trap
off I go to happy hills
were they give me shots and feed me pills


Copyright Michelle

slit your wrist
cut your pain
supply your knowledge
prove you’re sane


Copyright Michelle

As I drag the blade across my wrist
A sudden twitch comes to my fingertips
A feeling of joy and excitment rises
My own blood is my only prise
Once the wound scabs all my happy feelings go away
New and sad ones are here to stay…

Quiet Girl

Copyright Michelle

Everybody looks at the quiet girl,
They whisper about her.
Everybody talks about the quiet girl,
They don’t talk directly to her.
Everybody wonders about the quiet girl,
They don’t want her pain though.
Everybody laughs at the quiet girl,
They know she tries to hide her emotion.

Nobody likes the quiet girl,
She’s too difficult to understand.
Nobody wants the queit girl,
She;s too ugly for them.
Nobody understans the quiet girl,
She’s too shy to tell them.
Nobody would miss the quiet girl.
She’s just lost… and unoticed.


Copyright Michelle

Cuts on her wrist, cuts on her thigh,
Didn’t go in that deep, she gives it another try.
She slits her wrist, what will she carve?
The name of her love, she starts to starve.
Blood falls down, it begins to drip,
As her skin tears and heart starts to rip.
She despises her life, she wants another,
She wants the best, but doesn’t bother.
Another rip, a depressing word,
To remind her the things that she had heard.
She begins to get dizzy as she shed,
Heading to sleep as she goes to bed.
She dreams of her love, enters to die,
One last request and one last good-bye.
He commences to fade, he wants the best for me,
I believe what is the best is that we were meant to be.
Why does this girl have to be me? A depressing life,
Begin with a needle and end with a knife.
A sinful temper, where have I been?
Am I worthy? Or am I a vixen?
These tears I cry, it turns into a scar,
Knowing I’ll see him from a distance so far.
With these cuts, I remember the moment,
Now I’m confused of what was suppose to be meant.
I begin to sophicate, there’s nothing I can do,
But I can breathe whenever I’m with you.
You helped me live, but now, you’re not there,
Knowing you’re gone, no showing of care.
Cutting and slitting, I just can’t stop,
Unless I have a better to reach the top.


Copyright Michelle

The pain that lies within my soul is seen only by my own eyes.
Crosses worn on my skin as a result of all his pretty lies.
Pain so subtle I must bleed for relief.
My heart is torn and my soul must bleed,
Just to put an end to my constant grief.
Scars that no one has ever seen.
His face is all around me.
Crosses on all sides,
Still no one sees.
He leaves me again,
Now I must bleed.
Bleed just to breathe.
I need and end to this suffering.
Relief from this pain.
Make it hurt more, than he’ll go away.
A cross on my skin, now I feel better.
I must bleed to make the pain end.
Crosses for the world to see.
I must bleed,
Then maybe he’ll leave.


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