Normal Again

Copyright, Melany

As she sat
Staring blankly at her wall
She thought of a time
When she was young
And knifes scared her
But now knives cut,
Scar, and scab over so slowly
She wants to pick at them
Make them bleed a little more
Oh no, here it comes
The fire in her abdomen
The rage — the fear
The need for release
SHE PULLS — globs of hair in her hand
SHE SCREAMS — her voice goes horse
She waits
And her it comes again
Her self doubt
Her body tenses
Fists clench
SHE PUNCHES — her head is sore
Than she calms
A wash of serenity fills her
As she reaches for the knife
“You deserve this”, the voices say in her head
SHE CUTS — one laceration and it’s all over
She is normal again


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