Copyright Missy

When you start the cutting,
it gives you such a rush,
and sometimes you wish,
that it didn’t scar so much.
It starts to get addicting,
and you never want to quit,
but deep down you know,
that you really shouldn’t do it.
You don’t know what is happening,
and you don’t know why,
you think but there’s no reason,
as you start to cry.
It’s everything in your life,
your family and your friends,
you can’t tell anyone,
or this will have to end.
You have to keep doing this,
it’s your only escape,
there’s noone to blame.
it’s yourself you hate.
Wishing you hadn’t,
started this,
slowly your hand,
makes a fist.
Feeling the cut,
you know it’s too deep,
you’re laying on the floor,
in a heap.
Knowing now,
you’re on thin ice,
thinking back,
to the very first slice.
Never thinking,
that the knife,
would someday,
control your life.
You never thought,
you’d still do this today,
this all running through your head,
as you slowly slip away.


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